We are Passionate About Leadership and Enterprise Development

Graduate “unemployability” and enterprise failure like canker worms have eaten deep into the fabrics of development in Nigeria and Africa. To put the African businesses on a globally competitive edge, these businesses have to do more with less. This however is only achievable with well-equipped workforce.

Who We Are

We help in building right enterprise and corporate leadership skill sets for the global marketplace relevance. We are committed to developing the human capacity of young aspiring enterprise and corporate leaders in Nigeria and Africa.

Vintage Centre is a global minded human capital development organization in Sub-Saharan Africa with core focus on developing enterprise and corporate leaders with strong work skills and ethics. We are keen on raising business and corporate leaders who are learned beyond the classroom walls and creatively dynamic to innovate and see innovations through to success in a constantly changing workspace. We distill right employability skills into the future workforce (undergraduates) for the global market.

What we Do


Training and Certification

We are committed to developing the 21st century smart enterprise and corporate leaders. With our institutional partners, we offer training in corporate leadership, job and business readiness, project management, with a recognized certificate for competitive edge.

Workforce and Leadership Development

We offer an opportunity that gives our students access to our resource library with unlimited materials for competence development, templates for smartworks, diverse opportunity to grow, network of corporate leaders and international connect.


Skills Proficiency

Through proficiency classes, we improve the competence of the younger generation. With many Nigerian youths unable to proficiently use resources, computers, the internet, and artificial intelligence, we develop the competence of our clients for jobs and prepare them for the labour market.

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