Yes, think and reflect what your story is before you come out to flaunt being an entrepreneur.

If you are thinking of starting your own business because you feel your job is too demanding, I must tell you that you have gotten it wrong before you ever started.

Entrepreneurship is “damn” tasking. It is more demanding than you think or imagine. The pressure is much more than what your job or boss gives you.

Even when you say you have to get home late, at least you still catch some sleep. That’s good news.
Step out there as a start-up and the first thing you lose is your sweet sleep that you’re complaining isn’t enough.

Ask smart entrepreneurs like Eyitayo Ogunmola. I wonder if this guy ever had a real sleep. I mean REAL SLEEP as medically recommended.

You need a story beyond “my job is too tasking or demanding”.
You need a story with a real value.

You need a story to make HISTORY!